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LEVEL II: Low cost modular architecture - Functional Systems


The purpose of Seica’s Low Cost Modular Architecture (LCMA) is to offer the capability, performance and flexibility of GPATE with the agility, scalability and cost control that can make it competitive to a wide range of STTE solutions.

The CORE of the Seica’s LCMA is based on Valid LF and Digital stimuli/masurement instrumentation and routing, offering high performance and large capacity to meet parallel LRU Test Requirements. Proprietary hardware is combined with GPIB, VXI, PXI or PCI Plug-and-Play COTS instruments as required, for digital serial and HF LRU requirements. Signal routing architectures provide a three dimensional way to connect both internal and external instrumentation at a glance.
For best signal integrity stimuli and responses are connected to the fixture and then to the UUT using high performance receivers like Virginia Panel VP12.
The system offers the ability to be fully controlled under the powerful VIVA Test Environment, to elect instead for other COTS Test Environments (like NI TestStand, or HP VEE) or to combine the best of the two under control of SuperVIVA.
The result is a system offering performance, flexibility and capacity of GPATE, within a scalable architecture and overal cost of ownership competitive with STTE products. LCMA allows to create, around a CORE of proved hardware and software, a proven solution to meet AUDIO, VIDEO, RF, OPTRONICS or PNEUMATIC LRU test requirements.