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New fully-automated Flying Probe Pilot4D V8 “Pass Through”


The new “Pass Through” configuration of Flying Probe Pilot4D V8 can be deployed in 3 different modes:

1) on a standard SMEMA automated line, in addition to a couple of simple handlers (also produced by Seica) that are tilting the PCB from horizontal to vertical position and vice-versa. In this case the Pilot4DV8 is acting as a traditional horizontal tester for PCB handling, fully integrated on a standard assembly line, with the advantage to be a double side vertical when testing.

2) in semi-automated layout, with a PCB handler connected to Pilot4DV8 on the right side, loading/unloading boards through standard magazines (from one up to twelwe), and leaving the left side accessible for manual load/unload of the PCBs in case of the user wishes to work with an operator and without the need to open the front door to manage the UUTs.

3) in a stand alone fully automated multi-rack environment: this solution is based on a multi-rack loader (12-rack capacity) located on the right side of the machine, and on an identical multi-rack unloader (also 12-rack capacity)
positioned on the left side of the Pilot 4DV8: in this case the tester will have the possibility to work with a
maximum of 600 boards (each rack could contain up to 50 boards) in a full stand-alone
automated environment without an operator working on the tester.
A “separation” procedure can be activated by the user to separate bad boards from good ones on the output rack. In “standard” mode each tested PCB is placed back to its original position and faults are then traced by the repair station.
The cycle time is drastically reduced as new PCB are ready to enter the test site while simultaneously tested ones are downloaded to output racks.