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Dragonfly, the new Seica AOI line

AOI-CC-08 AOI-09


Dragonfly, the latest product line of Seica, offering AOI solutions for conformal coating and pin through hole inspection. Based on a fast and accurate scanner technology, Dragonfly THT allows the deep inspection of pin through hole devices solder joints, by eliminating the parallax error typical of camera based systems and it’s the perfect tool to be placed after wave or selective soldering equipments. Dragonfly CC has a similar architecture, but thanks to the additional UV light is suitable to inspect conformal coating on electronic boards, to identify where coating is missing or excessive, as well as very useful for solder balls detection, thanks to the fact that the system performs a full scan of the PCB under inspection. Dragonfly systems are fully SMEMA compliants and can be available in single side or double side configurations