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Electrontech 2017


SEICA SPA, which has just completed 30 years of activity, will be participating in the exhibition also this year with their own booth, to promote the Seica Group of companies and the wide range of solutions that they are able to propose to the global electronics industry.


Seica S.P.A. continues to lead the way on the road to innovation, presenting a complete range of innovative solutions for every board test requirement, from printed circuits to the most complex assembled boards, providing the best technological approach for each specific manufacturing scenario. Over the past few years the Seica Group, which includes the corporate headquarters in Italy, 4 international subsidiaries and a number of partner companies, has expanded the drive to innovation into other fields such as manufacturing automation, smart buildings and facilities, tying Seica directly into the reality the new industrial revolution leading towards the “Smart Factory” where information and technology to collect the data needed for manufacturing process digitalization are essential. The Seica Group also provides a complete range of services worldwide, to ensure the high level of local support required.


Seica approaches its fourth decade with the same dynamism and innovation that made the company a leader in electrical test for over 30 years, and is poised to take on new challenges posed by the  revolution of Industry 4.0 and IOT, with new product lines which include dedicated and customized solutions for industrial monitoring. It is no coincidence that the company’s slogan is “the road to innovation”.