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Pilot4D V8 HF The new revolution of Flying Probe testing

Pilot4D_V8_HF-AGI_01-W Pilot4D_V8_HF-AGI_02-W

Pilot4D V8HF is a unique solution that combines flying probe technology and High Frequency testing (HF). The push towards miniaturization in the electronics industry combined with the expansion of high frequency (HF) technologies has left designers with little or no room for test points on these generally, very small circuits. This has resulted in the need for new or alternate strategies in regards to test hardware and software. Up until now, flying probe test has provided a means to access boards even in the absence of dedicated test points but the additional need to measure HF signals poses a new challenge.

Test engineers know that HF testing is not easy, even in the best of scenarios, which do not include flying probers. Seica has been able to meet the challenge: using the very precise probing capabilities of the Pilot4D V8 system to contact even the smallest points (down to 008004 components), dedicated HF instrumentation has been integrated to provide the capability to verify HF signals up to 1.6 Ghz.

The solution includes a number of hardware and software innovations to create the electrical conditions necessary to perform these high performance measurements, which include clock frequency, rise and fall times, setup and hold time of critical signals.

The Pilot4D V8HF on display, will include the option of an integrated LabViewTM/TestStandTM software interface. The system also includes standard ICT test capability, enabling the Seica Pilot4D V8HF to offer a unique combination of ICT, functional and HF performances.