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Functional Systems

  • Turnkey and custom installations

    for diverse market sectors

The Valid line for functional testing includes a system range able to meet today’s and tomorrow’s requirements of military and aerospace electronics. The flexibility of the hardware and software tools enable providing in several configurations, test solutions which cover the third-level test requirements (Factory and Depot), as well as second-level requirements (Intermediate) and first level (Operational).

The ValidATE systems, for example, are successfully used to test defense electronics like EFA 2000 Typhoon and Rafale, and employed as core elemen” of ATEC-MT testers delivered by Spherea Test and Services (former EADS Cassidian Test and Services).

The Valid line is the ultimate integrated functional test solution, capable of meeting and exceeding these requirements for analog, digital and mixed-signal testing, both at board level (SRA/SRU) and box level (LRA/LRU), in the factory and in the field.
The Valid Line benefits from Seica’s unrivalled experience in testing complex types of electronic boards and assemblies, featuring advanced DSP and FPGA-driven digital technology and a comprehensive set of test generation, debug and diagnostic proven solutions.
The Valid line has a proven track record of successfully replacing obsolete functional test equipment, from GR179X to GR275X, from L200 to L300, from S720 to S790 and custom STE for box level test and validation.
Offering the best test-oriented stimulus and measurement dedicated hardware, the Valid Line can readily be extended to incorporate GPIB, LXI and VXI COTS solutions. Operating under a powerful test-oriented environment (VIVA), the system can also be fully directed by other test sequencers, like N.I. TestStand or Agilent VeePRO, and/or combine use of a variety of programming languages like C++, VBS, and programming environments like LabWindows/CVI, LabView, and others.