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Rapid 280 - Bare Bord Tester



The Rapid 280 Bare Bord Tester offers the highest performance in terms of throughput and electrical measurements. It is equipped with 8 completely independent measurement probes allowing speeds up to 9000 hits per minute. With 4 probes on each side, it can carry out accurate measurements on both sides of the PCB. This system allows the execution of every type of test, such as continuity, isolation, Kelvin test, resistive and capacitive measurements as well as active and passive embedded component tests. The high throughput of this innovative test system facilitates its integration in production lines, using the automated integrated conveyor, an unparalleled tool which can be used to test many different batches of boards to full automation bringing speed, accuracy and versatility to the prototype and production environment.


  • It tests: inner layers, ceramic substrates, flexible circuit boards and printed circuit boards
  • 4 (Rapid 240) /8 (Rapid 280) independent flying probes
  • 2 CCD cameras for top/bottom fiducial markers
  • 540mm x 610mm (21″ x 24″) test area
  • High voltage, high impedance isolation tests
  • Vacuum table as an option
  • Precise probing on small pads and fine pitch
  • Very high speed testing
  • Repair station software embedded
  • Soft touch capabilities
  • In-circuit tests of embedded components
  • powerful brushless motors
  • Manuale and Automatic Board Loading
  • Seica VIVA® Software