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Seica Smart Buildings and Facilities

at the cost of a conventional electrical installation!



Seica Smart Buildings and Facilities is, along with Seica Test Solutions and Seica Productronics, one of the 3 Divisions of Seica S.p.A.

Seica Smart Buildings and Facilities is a Seica SpA division founded with the purpose of developing innovative solutions in the field of smart housing and smart urban environments.

Using the experience of the company in the industrial electronic field, Seica Smart Buildings and Facilities introduces ShoeBox, a control unit that, using the Power Line Communication technology, allows you to create a simple and economic home autom
ation system adaptable to all homes, new or existent. This project was created with the purpose to make designers and electricians independent from a specific material supplier and from very high costs. The design of a classic home automation system requires the use of dedicated products with technology at a cost that often discourages the choice or makes it usable only in special conditions.

Seica Smart Home & City offers a home automation system at the same cost as a traditional electrical wiring system and the possibility to use and choose products from whichever supplier. Using the main electrical wiring is the main advantage of the Power Line Communication technology, avoiding the problem of having to install new cables. All the lights and switches are connected to the ShoeBox control units, witch communicate with each other via the electrical network.