Global Partner

The fast introduction of new technologies, the growing complexities and reduced development time in the electronic environments, coupled  with the high quality standards demanded by the markets,  oblige industries to face a big challenge.  Seica can support this process with its experience in even the most complex  environments, offering solutions for all types of test requirements (conventional, like parametric and in-circuit,  or innovative like via flying probe technology)  ranging from military to consumer electronics.
A complete range of innovative solutions and a series of complementary services for any electronic test requirement, including the development of test programs and fixtures, the design and manufacturing of customized systems and modules for civilian and  defence  environments is what Seica offers to its customers.
To enlarge the portfolio of solutions across the whole production line Seica has established strong partnerships  with leaders of manufacturing, soldering and inspection systems .
Seica has also designed and developed an innovative laser-based selective soldering system.