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Pilot V84D HF High Frequency test with Flying Probe

3 January 2017, Pilot V84D HF The first prober flying up to 1.5 GHz, ntegration of the Seica worldwide proven Flying Probe technology for In-Circuit and functional test with National Instruments hardware and oftware capabilities for High Frequency signal validation.

Mini ATE Line combined with a NI PXI rack

3 January 2017, Mini ATE Line, a standard Seica ATE combined with a NI PXI rack meet together for optimized testing

Firefly – The laser selective soldering system

29 December 2016, Seica has its own line of Laser Selective Soldering systems, Flexible and always monitored process, the Firefly Line is the answer to the manufacturing needs, through the clean and efficient laser technology.

SMT 2016 Interview with Luca Corli, Director of Sales at Seica

12 May 2016, The theme for Seica at SMT this year is automation and Industry 4.0. Highlights  include the traditional Compact line of bed of nails and functional testers ; the Pilot line, a truly versatile and multi-faceted flying probe system, and the Firefly line, a premier laser selective soldering system.   SMT – Hybrid Packagin – Nuremberg – April 26-28

Compact SL In-line Automated Testing Solutions

4 April 2016, In-circuit and Functional Tester - Compact SL offers a completely automated solution via an integrated, SMEMA-compatible conveyor system, allowing completely automatic board handling and easy integration into high volume production lines. (more…)

Compact Line – Manual Solutions

3 April 2016, In-circuit and Functional Tester, The Compact Line is designed meeting the requirements of the so called “lean production”, with a specific attention to the requirements of the production environments of electronic boards. (more…)

Flying Probe Pilot4D V8 Pass Through Fully-automated

29 December 2015, The Fully-automated Flying Probe Pilot4D V8 “Pass Through” configuration of Pilot 4D V8 deployed in 3 different models: 1) on a standard SMEMA automated line, 2) in semi-automated layout, 3) in a stand alone fully automated multi-rack environment. (more…)

Flying Probe Test Pilot 4D V8 with 01005 component test options

25 March 2015, Flying Probe Pilot 4D V8 system with Led Sensor, Automatic Laser inspection and 01005 component test options. The Pilot4DV8 has 12 mobile test resources distributed on the two sides of the board under test, and its unique vertical architecture means that all resources are available at all times for testing. (more…)

Pilot4D FX, Full Panel Test at the cost of a single board test

27 November 2014, The Pilot 4D FX platform revolutionizes in-circuit and functional panel test, bridging the gap between Bed of Nails and Flying Probe test. The new Pilot 4D FX platform revolutionizes in-circuit and functional panel test, bridging the gap between Bed of Nails and Flying Probe test. (more…)

Seica Test Solutions Automotive Electronics

17 October 2014, Full range of test solutions, starting from basic in-circuit to the most advanced and complex functional test solutions without compromising their efforts in cost reduction and increased flexibility.